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K&P Spirits

The Company “K & P Spirits” was founded in 2018 in Athens
with the sole purpose of importing and distributing
high-quality alcoholic beverages.
Our goal is to consolidate our position on the market
by setting high standards
and thereby, contribute to further growth and development
of our partners.


Martin Miller’s

Martin Miller’s Gin, leading the gin renaissance since 1999.

Martin Miller’s Gin was the first super premium gin on the market. Founders Martin Miller, David Bromige and Andreas Versteegh, created the product after a gin drinking session which left much to be desired. After sipping several tepid G&T’s filled with limp slices of lemon, the trio soon embarked on their journey to create the finest gin on the market and it wasn’t long before they succeeded.


140 Years of manufacturing traditions
Nemiroff De Luxe is a premium product with strong character made for stout-hearted men. The drink is made to reflect the original recipe and keeps with high production standards. Production is based on natural ingredients, pure water, and premium-class alcohol. Also, high pressure, temperature, and 11 stages of filtration make Nemiroff De Luxe a symphony of refined, rich taste with a light linden flower flavor.

Licor 43

Tastes better together
Legend has it that 2,000 years ago, in the Mediterranean town of Cartagena, Spain, the locals produced a delicious, golden color, “elixir”, of fruits and 43 herbs that were collected from the surrounding area. An authentic and refined liqueur with Spanish legendary history and heritage.


The symbol of strong love and inspiration

A new exotic series that enhances the quality of Tiki’s cocktails. The basis of the recipe lies upon natural products. The recipe is signed by the “specialist” of Tiki cocktails Daniele Dalla Pola. The best rum infusions are added to the recipes.