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K&P Spirits

The Company “K & P Spirits” was founded in 2018 in Athens
with the sole purpose of importing and distributing
high-quality alcoholic beverages.
Our goal is to consolidate our position on the market
by setting high standards
and thereby, contribute to further growth and development
of our partners.


Glen Scotia

Glen Scotia is a Scottish distillery located in the historic Campbeltown whiskey production area on the Kintyre Peninsula. The distillery has a glorious past and a rich history that begins in 1832.

Khor Vodka

Vodka with a clean, balanced and smooth finish, ideal for making cocktails.


Tastes better together
McConnell’s was founded in Belfast in 1776 and has been a hugely successful brand for over 150 years. Now the brand is thriving again and the team at Belfast Distillery Company have plunged into ‘restoring the myth’.


The symbol of strong love and inspiration

A new exotic series that enhances the quality of Tiki’s cocktails. The basis of the recipe lies upon natural products. The recipe is signed by the “specialist” of Tiki cocktails Daniele Dalla Pola. The best rum infusions are added to the recipes.